P6T and Corsair 1333 memory incompatable

I have a 12GB kit of Corsair XMS DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)installed which shows up in the bios and in the Win 7 Pro 64 bit OS as 10GBs. Sometimes when it is turned on it will show up as 12GB as it should, but more oftern as 10GBs. It is desktop memory model HX3X12G1333C9,a 12gig matching kit from Newegg. I am running a i7-960 3.20mhz and all the bois setting pertaining to the CPU and Blk and Memory are left as default settings, mostly Auto. The memory is also running at 1066! It should be running at 1333 with a latancy of 9 at 1.5 volts as advertized and recommended as optimal for the P6T board. Can someone please help me out here. What could the problem be?
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  1. Set your RAM's timings,speed and voltage manually in the BIOS and see if it helps
  2. Maziar said:
    Set your RAM's timings,speed and voltage manually in the BIOS and see if it helps

    Thank you for being so considerate and attempting to help me. I have tried various setting including setting XMP, CAS to 9, and voltage to 1.5, and speed to 1333 along with setting the unclk to 3200. It has not seemed to matter up to this point. I have reseated and switched ram modules several times and the last time I played with them I was able to get it to boot up showing 12GBs so I ran Memtest-86 V3.4 standard memory test from a bootable cd and let it run for over 7 hours successfully completing the test two times with no errors. I am not surprised that this is happening, it is a reflection of what is going on all over the world in desparate and struggling economies with underpaid workers and short cuts being taken in an attempt to avert fanancial wows and survive. This will take the entire world down as people are quickly beginnning to sense it and will soon no longer been under the impression the the computer components are well made and reliable as they were not to long ago! I have read many threads mentioning the same problem. It is unbelievable that a company like ASUS would allow such Mother boards to leave their manufacturing sites. They are committing financial suicide as any company whose business depends on their reputation is doing when taking short cuts and so on. Thanks again!!
  3. Try setting your memory speeds, latencies, and voltage manually and then if the problem persists, use the tips in this thread.

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