PSU for i7, thoughts please...

Hi there,
Im building a music production and graphic design PC and will be running the following system and wanted to know if a Coolermaster 650 watt power supply unit would be suitable...

System build as follows:
2TB Raid SATA hard-drives
Asus P6T motherboard
M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard
ATI 4670 graphics card
i7 920 Processor
OCZ 6GB DDR3 triple pipe-line memory
Coolmaster case

If anybody has alternative suggestions then Im open to them :)
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  1. 650 watts is a sweet spot for single GFX card setups where OC'ing is expected. Could prolly get away w/ as little as 450W otherwise.

    I'd suggest this combo as the CM PSU's are not what I would call upper tiers.
  2. 650W is a bit overkill for your system. 500W would be enough.
    However, if you want to buy something that will last, 650W Corsair is the way to go.
    BTW, get a ATI 5xxx card, instead.
  3. PSU requirements are mostly driven by the graphics configuration. In this case, they are minimal, a 400w psu:

    I think a corsair 450VX would be fine:

    The wattage is not the best metric of psu capability, look for the amps on the 12v rail/s.

    You want a quality psu. Here is a list of psu's sorted by quality for starters:
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