Will this work as rver?

399mhz VIA cpu/mobo
512mb pc100/133 ram (im not sure which one)
120w modded psu so it fits in my mini itx case
40gb ide seagate hard drive

can i use this as a file server?
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  1. ps im using kubuntu. is that a bad idea? this thing has no cd drive so its a pain in the youkknowwhat to take the hd out, hook it up to another pc, and install, then put back, esp. cause its uperglue modded along woth the psu so i have to redo the sperglue every time!...
  2. Isn't a good idea. If you want, install at least 2GB of RAM an the CPU must be more fast.

    Kubuntu is a good option for a file server, but you need know how configure this to conect windows clients.
  3. see myother post in the networking section "kubuntu and windows networl" i think its called. please help me there
  4. hi
  5. Hi, i'm not really good on Linux. Contact with linux_0 or ijack are experts on Linux.
  6. oh and guess what?kubuntu was being stupid, its actually a 533mhz, and i oced it to 600mhz (still only passive heatsink) and i figured out that the board is a VIA EPIA 5000! glad its 600mhz not 400....ps now i have win2k pro sp4 on there
  7. It would be good as a firewall running IPCOP or as a torrent box ... not sure it would have the grunt to push data in a decent uninteruppted stream as a media fileserver on wireless in the house unless you only have one client.

    Any more than two clients pulling files off my 933 (the kids) causes quite a bit of system load with the firewall running in the background - with Dans Guardian on.

    Try it an see - throw more ram at it for a start (as Sainnt suggests).

    The C3 is a bit weak in some areas but should be ok.
  8. i dont have more ram sitting around, i dont want to buy more, and i installed win2k and it took me hours to find the drivers but i did it!whew! so now i just need to get a new kvm switch cause mine doesnt seem to like me anyore, then ill be ready to get more advice on netwroking the sucker...
  9. ^Good for you, and any another question start a thread, if i can help you, i will do.
  10. ill let u know when i get a new kvm switch etc blah blah blah the help very appreciated...
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