9800gt 512mb or 9600gt 1gb? plz help!!

Hello guys,
I'm from mauritius and i'm buying a new pc,
Specs are core 2 duo 2.93 E7500,4gb dd2 800,500gb HDD,19 inch viewsonic lcd monitor,DVD-rw,gigabyte non-integrated LGA 775 board
As for the graphic card i have the choice between

Asus 9800gt 512mb-priced at rs 5700
or Asus 9600gt 1gb-priced at rs 6900
1 US dollars=32 mauritian rupees

I intend to play mainly crysis,crysis warhead,farcry 2,call of duty(all the latest) and the upcoming battlefield titles...

I would like to know which of the two card 1 shoulg go with,i know that the 9800gt has a faster GPU but the 9600gt boasts a 1gb memory size.

i intend to play at 1440*900 resolution preferably at high or very high settings.

I will be using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and please note that i only have these two as choices,

And what does the memory exactly influence?

AND PLEASE DO NOT MAKE SUGGESTIONS ABOUT ATI RADEON,as i said i only have these two choices!
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    The 9800 GT is the better option. Lol, and cheaper too.

    The RAM difference will only have an appreciable effect on much higher resolutions and when using heavy Anti-Aliasing. Since your resolution is on the low-middle end and neither card have enough muscle to push a lot of AA on Crysis, the extra RAM would be a waste.

    Get the 9800 GT for the more powerful card and save money in the process.
  2. Hi there.

    If i was too choose between thosem i would have chosen the 9800 one since it have a better clock speed. Although the 9600 one have more memory i still think that the 9800 would be superior.

    I think there is a 9800 1gb on the market if you would like it. But also "AND PLEASE DO NOT MAKE SUGGESTIONS ABOUT ATI RADEON,as i said i only have these two choices! " Hmm i guess you hate ATI.

    Why? Guess it is a "if you got Nvidia and is happy with it, you can never go ATI" problem... wich just is dumb! I dont take either Nvidias or ATI's side, although i would recommend you to check up some ATI cards since they are on the same level of graphics for around the same buck.

    Take whatever card you like the most, but if these two are your only choice i would say the 9800 card.
  3. Tisello, I'm willing to be his location has more to do with his limited choices than angst against ATi.
  4. pick 9800GT. don't go for 1GB 9600GT because the card itself have difficulty to utilize all the RAM. 512MB is better for 9600GT
  5. The 9800GT is a much better card.
  6. I said not to make suggestions about ATI simply because the store doesnt have any of them im mauritius,and thats why i said i only had choice between the two i mentioned!
  7. I know ATI has some really nice cards around and some even feature directX 11! But as i mentioned here in mauritius ATI really expensive as compared to the nvidia card and we have very limited choice and the lack of stores selling themis also a problem,i'm not against ATI-in fact i like ati too since it has some nice cards for budget to high end users.

    And thank u guys for the advice,i'll go with the 9800gt 512mb and maybe buy another one later to use in SLI,and would it be possible to use the 1gb version with the 512mb version?

    SO 9800gt 512mb here i come!
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