I7 PC build, soundcard opinions wanted :)

Hi there,
Im building a music production and graphic design PC and will be running the following system and wanted to know if the M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard would be suitable...

System build as follows:
2TB Raid SATA hard-drives
Asus P6T motherboard
M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard
ATI 4670 graphics card
i7 920 Processor
OCZ 6GB DDR3 triple pipe-line memory
Coolmaster case

If anybody has alternative suggestions then Im open to them :)
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  1. Maybe you can choose a Creative X-Fi Titanium, its not very pricey and its suitable i think
  2. LOL, no.
    Creative X-Fi cards are not good professional cards.
    Hell, they are not really good for anything anymore (low sound quality, terrible drivers, Creative product in general).

    OP, I have heard good things in regards to M-Audio cards and music production.
    They defiantly have a plethora of 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs.
    It is becoming quite dated, however.

    Do you really need that many inputs/outputs, could you get away with less?
    If so, look into the newer ASUS Xonar D2 or Essence ST.
    Both offer a much better DAC's and ADC's than what you are currently considering.
    They also have much better chipsets that are a bit more modern.

    Unfortunately I do not have any experience in producing music so I can not say for sure if these will be better for you.
    Simply looking at the specs though, if these cards have the inputs you need, they will offer higher sound quality.
  3. I was just about to say about M-audio and Asus. Beaten to it.

    I do have experience in producing music, but I am the definition of amateur!
  4. I beg to differ about any of Creative's products being fine.
    All driver issues aside (and Creative has TONS of them), you can get better sounding ASUS Xonar cards for less than their Creative counterparts.

    Where the cheapest X-Fi soundcard, the XtremeGamer (the Xtreme Audio cards are not really X-Fi cards, merely rebaged Audigy SE's) currently costs $75 after a $25 discount, the Xonar Ds counterpart is currently $40 after a $10 MIR.
    It offers the same EAX 5.0 support for older games, has working drivers for all current OS' and has similar sound clarity to the XtremeGamer.
    Even the $200 X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion does not offer significantly higher sound quality when compared to the Xonar Ds :/

    Creative's top end product, the $280 X-Fi Elite Pro, is only able to match the $90 Xonar DX (or D1 if you want it in PCI) for sound quality.
    The rest of the Xonar lineup has higher sound quality than any Creative X-Fi product although none of them can match the Elite Pro in price.

    I can personally attest that going from a XtremeGamer to a Xonar DX is a massive increase in sound quality.
    Even the gf with her tin ears could tell the difference.
    The only thing Creative has going for it is their brand name.
    Unfortunately for them, more and more people are seeing their products for what they are and moving on.
  5. I have already installed M audio Delta 10/10 lt and sound its amazing,but Sonar D its good for playing games,watching movies,but for making music probably best card and cheapest option its Maudio.With Delta you never be disappointed(lots of connections,but no headphones output-its semi-profi card for everyone)
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