Silly question about system builds.

So i got all my parts and put it together (without the ram, ram wont come till monday) and there are 3 things that have been going through my head.

1. When i put the i7 in the socket I touched the top without a glove or anti-static wrap on to see if it was in alright, only for like 1 second, but is it possible I could have shocked or scratched the cpu?

2. Do you need ram to access the bios, because even though I can turn the pc on and all the fans turn on I cant access the bios, I always figured the bios was ran through memory on your motherboard?

3. Is it safe to turn your PC on to see if it works without ram in it?? because everything lights up, all the fans go and I can open and close the dvd player, so should I take that as a good sign?

Sorry being a little paranoid, my first system build :)
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  1. 1) You should be fine for a slight touch on top of the CPU, just as long as it wasn't the bottom of the CPU.

    2) You need the RAM to access the BIOS. Your PC won't post without RAM, which allows you to get into your BIOS.

    3) No it won't hurt it but I would not recommend doing so.
  2. 1. Did you feel a static shock? Did you ground yourself on the metal case before the touch?
    2. Yes. BIOS is not in RAM, but it's only available after POST and you can't finish POST without RAM.
    3. Maybe, buy why would you?
  3. 1. I did not feel a static shock, and this was before I grounded the system, but I think its alright

    2. Oh ok makes sense, I'll just have to wait and see if everything works

    3. I only turned it on for like 30sec to see if everything turned on.
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