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Help: 1066 fps p5b mb on e8400 ok? How will oc work or go e7500?

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January 11, 2010 12:46:33 AM


My mb is Asus p5b that supports 1066 fsb. Will I be able to run e8400 (1333 fsb) at 4 gigz OC'ed with latest BIOS updated and 800 mhz OCZ RAM?
If not is it better for me to go with e7500, which I heard Il experience compatibility issues if I plan to upgrade to Windows 7 (no virtualizaiton support).
Finally, what kind of performance should I notice from current e4400 OC'ed at 2.8ghz speed to e7500 3.6ghz? I also heard 3.6ghz and 4.0ghz doesn't have much difference for gaming (which is my primary purpose)
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January 11, 2010 3:34:37 AM

I wouldn't suggest putting in a CPU that's designed for a higher max bus speed... no matter how much you OC it, it'll never be maximized.

I'm not sure about the e7500, but Windows 7 should have no problems with CPUs that aren't capable of virtualization.

Lastly, for gaming... after a certain point, your GPU—not the CPU—is more important. That's why people would say the difference between 3.6 and 4GHz is ultimately meaningless.