Windows 7 on ati 9.1 driver crashes when switching resolution

Well the ATI card (5770) takes the whole system into a lockdown when attempting to switch any attributes of display (res, refresh). By default it runs at 1920x1440 at 85Hz which is too high for most 3D apps and games. Forums and the web are full of similar stories on all kinds of systems and ATI cards so it must be the Win7 and ATI driver. I've tried 3 driver versions now all have the same problem and I guess people on LCD screens (majority of users these days) never switch resolution or refresh hence don't report the problen. Did I really need DX11 hardware, wish I would have gone for the Nvidia 260 now.
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  1. I just purchased the 5870 and it wouldn't run properly until I installed the latest 9.10 drivers. Did you mean 9.1 or 9.10? I believe it's the only one that supports the 5xxx cards other than the beta drivers.
  2. The 9.10 (on the CD) Sapphire called it 13-010 and two versions of beta 9.11 (66 and 67 since the public release does not support 57xx) all behave exactly the same. On the same system XP works OK, but I bought it for DX11 and don't have a spare Vista licence which now supports DX11 as an update when the system is suitable.
  3. That's what happens when you are an early adopter. :-P Windows 7 was made just for you!

    So if you download 9.10 from the ATI website it doesn't recognize your card?
  4. In one word YES. The CD driver has its DEV_XXXX ID added in the .ini file, but the downloaded driver does not recognise the hardware at all. I'm about to try turning off Aero to see if this may be the problem - just remembered that the User Satisfaction Index for Aero was 1.0 which means "no support". The business/games rated 6.5 which is less than I expected, but it suggests other things would work. Looking forward to Win7 with a Win 2000 skin.
  5. Aero or not - no diff, maybe there is more under the hood (desktop acceleration), but switching to the the basic theme and cursor doesn't change a thing - PC frozen (even Num Lock will not toggle) blank screen or low res vertical colour lines.
    But wow - the thing looks just like the Win 2000 skin. I'm sure a few will be inspired to go for the retro look, especially on a minimum spec PCs.
  6. Hopefully 9.11 will have better support for the 5770's. Not sure when in November they come out. usually has a review as soon as the new drivers come out.
  7. Hm, I've got the same problem here... any news on this? I've tried two different monitors and they both work fine with their standard resolution (1280x1024 and 1440x900). But as soon as I try to change the resolution, I get a black screen (sometimes it even turns blue).
  8. I have the exact same poblem with hd 4890 and hdtv. Since we are all using the same software Catalyst 9.11 it must be a drivers issue. I'm running win 7 64 bit.
  9. Tried to edit the post but it didn't work. Do you have Microsoft Security Essentials running? I stopped the process (and the live virus protection) and now it works! Straaange thing. :)
  10. AnTeevY said:
    I stopped the process (and the live virus protection) and now it works! Straaange thing. :)

    Strange thing indeed, I never liked CCC now I positivily hate it. Thanks for your solution, I'll try it offline, but this isn't really a practical option since there is more virus/trojan developers out there phishing these days than people working at Microsoft.
  11. I didn't buy a 5xxx series for this exact reason. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and apparently there are no stable drivers for this series and OS combination.
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