ALL MY LINKSYS WIRE LESS BOXES 3 OF THEM STOPPED WORKING WIRELESS MODE I THINK LINKSYS IS DOING ON PURPUSE SO PEOPLE BUY NEW ROUTERS MODEL # WRT54G when I call them they want to charge me to solve the problem I think they are thieves will never buy linksys again
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  1. At this price level (<$100), you're never going to get great reliability. If and when you do, it’s more by luck than design. Cheap components assembled quickly in China is not a recipe for quality. It's like hard drives. They could make them much more reliable as well. But then they'd have to charge 10x the price. IOW, part of the deal w/ these relatively inexpensive components is having equipment that's "just good enough". If you want better, you’ll have to step up to business class equipment ($$$).

    Of course, sometimes you just get unlucky and the roof seems to fall in.
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