Asus p8z68v-pro unstable w/ EZ OC and will not accept DDR3 upgrade

Second build and I'm now humbled.

System Specs are:
-Intel 2600k @ 3.4
-Coolermaster 212+
-ASUS P8-Z68v Pro
-OCZ Agility (Sata2) SSD 128 (for operating system)
-Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL9 Desktop Memory Kit (2-4GB sticks)
-Silencer 760 Watt ATX Power Supply
-6 other random sata hard drives
-NZX2 H2 Classic Case with 1 x120 fan and 1 x 140 fan added. (Case- 7 fans total)
Looking for a graphics card once funds recover and will be setting up in raid 5 when my hitachi drives come back from RMA…

I'm having multiple issues while trying to run Windows Professional 7 64 and anything thereafter on a 2 month old build.

Problem 1: running my 2600k @ 3.4 things works fine, but trying to overclock (even using just the ASUS EZ-mode in Bios) it's unstable as hell shutting down regularly in under minute or two with little exception often with a blue screen. It shouldn't be a heat issue (See fans) but maybe I’m wrong.

Problem 2: I picked up a 2nd kit of Corsair XMS DDR3 kit (2x 4GB@1600) memory and I’m not sure if it’s not compatible or they only work as kits but I can’t get more than 2 sticks at a time to function.
Problem 3 : dthtml.exe – Entry point not found X The procedure entry point_iob_func could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR70 dll. Appears on every start-up just to throw my comfort level completely out the window.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
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  1. I'm new to overclocking, but not to troubleshooting. If I were in your shoes, I would try to get back to a "known good" starting point.

    Have you tried going back to default settings in the BIOS?

    I would do that first, and then sort out what seems like a software issue.

    After the software stops giving dll errors, then I would try to get the ram issue taken care of.

    After the ram is sorted out and everything is working at the stock clock, I would then start the OC process. (slowly)
  2. Set default back on BIOS and wish it was that easy. I should have broke the questions up better though. The most troubling is if you get 2 kits....In my case: 2x XMS3 8GB DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL9 Desktop Memory Kit (Two 4GB Memory Modules).....Will 2 kits work together on one board?

    The OC question is more along the lines of - is it possible I've bumped the huge after market cooler (the 212+) and maybe separated it from the thermal paste enough that the CPU is overheating? I've been cautious but its so big you cant help giving it a little bump here and there working around it and I'm not sure how fragile it is.....At one point the board would not start at all and the CPU light just glowed which had me fearing the worst. Keeping an eye on temps

    I'm almost tempted to get rid of the huge 212+ fan and put a water cooler on it just to be sure I don't burn out my 2600k but performing that operation has me terrified. I've already bent one of the USB3 pins the first day I had it and I really don't want to mess with the CPU much. Still wondering if I received a damaged board since I was careful plugging in.
  3. Forgot to mention thanks for the advice! I need to be told to pace myself, tame the obsession, and prioritize the issues at hand. Not to mention re-read what the person is really saying to you.
  4. Two kits should work together if they are the same speed cl numbers, however I have heard of compatibility issues between sets...

    If temps are your primary concern, take a look at them in the BIOS. It's been under "pc health" on two different motherboards that I've used, but could be called something different on yours.

    If your temps are reasonable and stable in the BIOS, (at idle) get into your OS and then download HWmonitor or some other freeware program that allows you to monitor temps while running your OS. Keep in mind, you may have to "figure out" which temps are what because the software doesn't always get the labels right.

    If you are overheating while in the BIOS at idle, you probably have a problem with your cooling system.

    I would at least ensure the cooler is tightly secured. Even better to remove it, clean the old thermal paste off of the chip and cooler, inspect it closely, and reinstall carefully.
  5. Assuming your temps are fine, is it possible your psu is not supplying steady voltage?
    Specifically the vcore, i see only one 12v rail on that guy. Set it to 40 multiplier @ 1.3v, drop your ram speed to 1333 and see if she boots.
  6. Is it steady whilst in the BIOS?
    or Is it flaky when in the OS?
    Another thing to look at is the SSD. Have you updated the firmware on it?
    The OCZ has been know to cause a few issues with lower revisions of F/W.
    It might be worth checking the temps in the BIOS too. If the temps look high on the CPU then your HSF might not be properly secured/attached.
  7. May be the firmware on the OCZ. Never updated it and I was warned about the OCZ Agility +. Will try hot swaping with a Samsung SSD from my notebook after cloning windows pro on it to diagnose before updating drive. Will let you know how it goes.. Thanks!
  8. this for (Problem 3 : dthtml.exe)
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