hi guyz! i have a Sempron 3100 +, k8v-vm board S754, 256 MB x2 CPAQ DDR 0400(a generic ram)...ive been using my PC for almost 2 yrs and has no problem.

i try to upgrade my RAM to 1gb but it doesnt work on both slots(dimm1 and dimm2) it doesnt perform post but all are power up and NO beeps .

so i barrow a 2 512MB Ram to my friend i try again to upgrade to 1 GB but the other RAM doesnt work on dimm2, it works only on dimm1. I try to switch ram but they both appear to be working on dimm1..

so i try again my generic RAM (256 MB) on dimm2 to come up in a conclusion that dimm2 is defective but supprissingly it works...

What do you think is problem the Mobo or RAMS?..Do my Mobo cannot adjust into a higher Speeds of RAM?help me pls ..thanks

here are the specs of ram:

1. 512MB x2 SAMSUNG PC100
2. 1GB DDR SDRAM Micron Technology
3. 256MB x2 DDR 0400
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  1. What is the pc100 listed for? Are you trying to mix different types of ram? Also, some socket 754 boards have a limit of 1.5 gb of ram (512 in each slot). Some boards also won't run with a stick of single sided ram mixed with a stick of double sided ram (ram with chipsets on both sides). Your board may be fine. I wouldn't touch or remove components too much. Once you get it going, I would leave it alone.
  2. actually all of them are dual line memory module except for the generic one the 256 mb..
    samsung(512 mb) is pc100r and mt(1Gb) is p2700..
  3. @oldie why my 2 512 mb work only on dimm1 slot? when i put them both it does not display anything with no beeps? i try to switch memory but they appear to be good both memory are working only on dimm1 slot?
  4. Could be a bad dimm slot or bad memory stick. Test each one in the good slot with memtest, a free download.
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