Stuck in classic mode and no audio after reboot

ok, I was doing clean up on the system ,, the usual stuff system clean up, stuff i do everyweek ,, i decided that I wanted to defrag in safe mode today ,, so i rebooted the machine pressed F8 it didnt load up the selection screen but went to into normal boot up ,, but as it loaded it was stuck in Classic mode and there is no audio , system restore has been disabled so i cant do a restore ( lesson learned there ) i try to look in device manager but it comes up blank (for the audio problem that is) so i cant disable the drivers and reanble them , i went into services to try and start the themes and audio there but was unable to. everything else is working fine ,,, she can get on facebook play her farmville and everything fine. but no sound and stuck in classic view. so i guess Im wondering did i boot it in some weird mode i dont about that allows everything to work except themes and audio? or is there more to it? i been trying to figure it out for hours now with no result,
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  1. Update: I just installed a fresh windows and fixed most of the issues ,, but i have another issue i need to fix
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