Poor Customer Service from Western Digital

i am just here to told you that western digital has poorest service in india now , they were gud , but not they are ...........

because of company's past service i bought 500 gb my passport portable harddrive last 6 months ago and i had a problem in my drive last month so i register my compalint of wd's site and this is my RMA # 82918471 number , 21st augest 2011 was the picking date of my hard drive and today 9 september 2011 , i got no call , no company mail , no response .

company says 5 working days to process this service and i dont know how much longer their 5 days are .

i am just here to tell you guys , dont buy this bullshit product , because they dont know the value of a customer .

thanks and regards
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  1. I have used a ton of wd harddrives and have had no problems at all. I am not shocked you get poor service in India. I am sure they are getting paid nothing.
  2. I have always had very good experiences with Western Digital drives, and their customer support. Stop whining like a little girl, call them, find out what the problem is.
  3. WD is great, but they've recently downgraded their service in India significantly. My local hardware store told me that WD doesn't offer service in our state anymore and hence the HDD has to be sent to Delhi in case of any problem. So I ended up buying Seagate instead :)

    Stupid move, really. HDDs are among the most sold peripherals in India, both internal and external. This just makes them lose customers to Seagate.
  4. i agree with you all , i have many western digital hard drives and even i got gud service from wd , but this time i am faceing this kind of service . i mailed them 3 times but there is no one care for their customers .
  5. Who mails someone a problem? If you want it resolved call them on the telephone, email is great but it can take a while especially when they have 1-2 people handling those vs. an entire call center devoted to customer service for phoning in problems.
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