Single Random beeps

I am having a bit of a nightmare with a PC that I built recently. Its not for me, but for a neighbour which is why the problem is causing me such aggravation.

The PC is as follow:
Gigabyte P55 UD3
i5 750 cpu
4Gb Corsair ddr3
Saphire Radeon 4850
Atctic Cooling Silentium Case with integrated 550w PSU.
500Gb Seagate Sata HD
Lite-on Blueray.

It was intended to run Window 7 64 Bit.

Everything set up and tested fine, and the PC seemed good, but the following day it froze. This freeze then reoccured but always at random times. Sometimes it would freeze soon after startup, sometimes it would run for 2 or 3 days. A restart is needed when it does freeze.

All the drivers and bios were up to date, but I also had the freeze when I left the drivers to windows. I tried rolling back through all the Radeon drivers but still got the freeze.

RAM passed Memtest. Passmark Burn-in Test showed no errors.Exchanged Graphic Card for my own Radeon 4870, PC froze.

Then installed Windows 7 32 Bit. There were less freezes but they still occured.

Then installed Vista 32 Bit. The PC seemed a lot better and would run for days before freezing.

However, all the time it is running it emits random single bleeps from the system speaker. I have read dozens of possible causes for a single random beep, but nothing obviously relevent to my problem.

I have this evening removed the inside of the PC and have them running laid out on my desk so that I could have a good look at it in operation. I noticed that the Power Supply Fan doesn't always start when the power is turned on. It gives a little kick, but doesnt always start . If I give it a little flick, then it starts spinning.

Does anyone have any experience of this problem?

Is the fan stalling or is it just broken? And would it explain the random single beeps?

Could it even be reponsible for the freeze ups?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. well the fan not working could cause the psu to overheat, causign the pc to freeze or the mobo to beep when the voltage isnt good enough...
    my latest (all used parts) build the biostar lga 775 mobo occasionaly (every maybe 10 mins) beeps, but i dont get freezing...
  2. The PC isn't freezing when the random beeps occur, the beeps occur randomly but persistently. Sometimes the beeps are a few minutes apart, sometimes up to an hour or so apart.

    The freeze up also happen randomly but nowhere near as often.
    At the moment the PC seems be down to less than one freeze a day.

    If it were my PC, I might put up with this, but it is a neighbours PC and he is keen to have it working. He has little experience and thinks a PC freeze is a disaster.

    I am not even sure that the beeping and freezing are connected. I was just hoping someone might know the cause and put me out of my misery.
  3. I have a GA-P55A-UD4 and I also have these random beeps. However, my system hasn't frozen yet in the two days that I have it. BIOS is the newest version F7. PSU is a Corsair 650 W, so it should be stable. Windows 7 64 bit and games run stable, so far.
  4. A PSU fan may not start up right away. If it is controlled internally by the temperature inside the PSU. It may run slowly or not at all at first, and then come up to speed after a couple minutes as the interior of the PSU warms up. Does it do that, or does the PSU fan stay off completely "forever" when it fails to start?

    You MIGHT have an overheating problem elsewhere, too. If I read this right, the random beeps and less-frequent freezes are still occurring in the system you have "breadboarded" out on the table. Is that right? Does the system have a way to monitor temperatures and display them? My mobo certainly has those in BIOS, but it also had a good utility on its mobo CD that you can run to put a permanent monitoring window app on the screen in Windows so you can watch it as the system is used normally. Try that to see if some temp is getting up to alarm levels (could be the source of the random beeps). If something gets really hot it might cause a shut-down to prevent permanent damage. As you look at this info, check also (maybe in BIOS) what the settings are for temperature limits that cause alarms and shut-downs.
  5. IMO power or heat problems can't really be the cause of the beeping, if the PC runs stable when gaming, but beeping also occurs when idling in Windows. Or is that wrong?
  6. I have a very similar build with the same problem. A major exception is that my mobo is the Giga-byte H57 model.

    The system was running great until I installed software from the mobo CD and did a level 1 overclock; in particular I installed the smart 6 and Dynamic Energy Saver 2. Shortly after I noticed random beeps. I do see the the beeps sometimes coincide with a CPU usage spike but I can't relate the spike to any application.

    CPU temp is below 40C and alarm in BIOS is set to 50C.

    I have heard that changing the SATA ports to the Giga-byte controller fixes this problem but I have not had a chance to test this.
  7. my pc build is exactly the same as the person at the top with the p55 ud3 board. same processor, memory, disk drive. I think its the 64 bit os that is causing the beeping after looking round at other forums
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