Best card for heavy HD Video editing?

I know that the 5870 is the best card out for gaming but will it do a great job for video editing too or are there workstation cards that would do a better job at that? My budget is around $400. Maybe a 5770 will do the same job. Remember this is not for gaming but for strictly photo and video editing.
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    I would stick with a 5770. A 5870 is a highend gaming card so unless you are gaming there is no point. A 5770 would give you several outputs and some juice behind your graphics. You could also game on it if you wish. Workstation cards are great, but really unless you are doing CAD stuff or 3d rendering, you don't want to spend the money on those cards.
  2. So a 5770 that is 128bits 1GB is just as good as a 4870 that is 256bit with 1Gb?
  3. Yes they are essentially the same compute power, just the HD5770 is more efficient.

    It will depend on the application you're using to edit with as to what would be the best bet, or even if there would be any difference. What is it?
  4. Actually this is for my father in law. I am building him a system with video editing being his main use.
  5. You could probably get away with a much lower card like a 4670 or so. But really a 5770 has some future benefits. It has (2) DVI (1) HDMI, and (1) Display port and supports 3 displays. IT has DX11 and doesn't consume much power.
  6. Even if it's for someone else, it still matters what app he runs, so you might want to find out because he might only need a 4550 or 9500 really.
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