FantomDrive's GF3BM500U or MTT500? OR Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex OR WD's My passpo


Does anyone know what's the difference between "Fantom GF3BM500U Gforce3 Mini USB 3.0 Portable 2.5" Hard Drive - 500GB" ( and Fantom MTT500 Titanium Mini External Hard Drive - 500GB, USB 2.0 ( other than the fact that one has USB 3 / 2 and one has USB 2. Is one more reliable than the other or vise versa?

Also, does anyone have any reviews on either one please? That would be really helpful! :)

In addition, if you had the choice to pick between 1 of those two, and Seagate's FreeAgent GoFlex (500gb) (, and WD My Passport Essential SE ( which one would you pick?

Thanks :D
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  1. Managed to edit top post.. Now I don't know how to delete this post >_< lesigh, sorry.
  2. anyone please? i need to buy one for school :(

    I have scratched out Seagate from the list cause it BOD my laptop >_< and caused windows explorer to freeze and stop working....on two different occasions.

    So out of the 1st 2 Fantom drives and the WD My Passport Essential SE, which would you get and why please? Thanks.
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