Sound problem with asus 4870 (HELP PLEASE)


my sound was working good with realtek AC 79 , but when i installed the ATI HD AUDIO rear which came with the (graphics card)asus 4870 hd driver , the sound disappeared, but the icon speaker still there in the tray...and i can play any video or music...but with no sound

now with this problem my pc run games faster (but with no sound) and when i uninstall the ATI HD audio dirver games are slower( with sound) !!!!

help please
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  1. Make sure that the selected audio device is your AC79 sound output and not the ATI HD audio output. The ATI HD audio output is used when you use an HDMI cable and want to include sound.

    I believe this is changes under control panel.
  2. yeah i selected it, you have 2 options you can choose the ati annd AC79.....and no one works.
  3. that is strange. What driver version are you using? try downloading the latest. If it's the driver on the CD, I ,know I had HORRIBLE issues with that one.
  4. ok i fixed the problem....but the other thing is when i install the ATI HD AUDIO games runs faster....does this have anything to do with speed? cause i think its just for sound.
  5. ^ that should be correct. Just sound.

    Do they really run faster? Do you display FPS or run a FPS benchmark?
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