Dell inspiron duo 1090 intel atom n570 a03 bios

Ive look every where possible to find a way to overclock my netbook. and have had to give up on working it out and ask advice.

i have used setfsb and clockgen and had no luck as i dont know correct pll and the bios are lock!

I brought this laptop as i have an iphone and was thinking of getting a ipad but then saw that this is bassically the same only a pc and can run multiple platforms.. windows, linux or mac os. also perfect for developing iphone/ipad and android apps with its multi touchscreen for testing. plus its perfect for windows 8... :) so i brought one.

only problem is alot of the cpu is held back with the dell factory setup and it doesnt proform well when multi tasking. i would of thought that a 1.66ghz dual cpu would handle multiple function etc very well and compared to ipad 2 1Ghz dual core would shine.. and the mobile sim card port is block on uk version :@ why!!!!!! i dont know.

i am music producer in my spare time :) and the main point in having touchscreen tablet/pc is to run in sync with my hp g6 for music production daw programs.. and i am a vst looney which mean i need good amount of cpu power but not so much ram and their aint any need in good graphics card.. or is there???
but like i said i can sync with my other laptops midis, vsts and remote programs etc, tweak and then covert sound to wav. mp3 format to tablet multi track app software... but when im away from home out and about and want to go back to projects its impossible to play anything plus some vsts wont be show up.
so my only sollution is to find a way to overclock cpu to around 1.8ghz to 2ghz or are their other ways round this without messing with cpu clock? isit possible to use software that uses graphics hard ware to scan daw soundwaves in sync with cpu to enhance sound and lower latency?

PLEASE!!! if anyone knows what my sollution is please reply!
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  1. ??? doesnt anyone know how to do this!!!!
  2. I'm searching for the same answer for Duo with Atom N550 and A06 Bios
  3. same here ableton can run if you freeze tracks...but the point is to overclock
    and im here in california running out of ideas, any help is appreciated
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