Blue screen of death related to hard drive, what to do?

this is the error message i recieved. Im really worried and i dunno what to do...

i mean today i also got an error, just a black screen when my sister tried to turn on the pc, it said something about disk failure, something small but i thought it was an annomalie...

im really worried, what should i do?
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  1. This could be a lot of things, first thing I would do is physically inspect the inside of the case, blow out all the dust, reseat all your cards and memory, check all cable connections, turn on the system, make sure all the fans are running.
  2. i used windows 7 chkdsk by rightclicking, going to tools, then disk error thing, and checking both boxes and then restarted and it did the thing.

    hopefully it fixed it but im not sure...
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