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Hi I have wireless router which is about a year old. It is Linksys G Broadband Router WRT52G2 V1. When I first bought it, it worked perfectly. After I moved, I got the same internet plan from Optimum. Now when i tried it using it, I have internet without the router. After i plug the Ethernet cable to router and internet cable to my PC, it wont work. I updated my drivers to latest ones. Here is my motherboard MSI MS-7145. Help!!!
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  1. And you have the Ethernet cable from the modem connected to the WAN port of the router?

    Btw, make sure to do a factory reset on the router! Don't reuse the router AS IS from the previous location.

    One possibility is that the PC’s MAC address has been BOUND to the cable modem. Sometimes this is done by the ISP in order to prevent the use of “unauthorized/unapproved” equipment. IOW, it LOCKS the modem to the original network adapter. Other times it's just temporary. It may take rebooting the cable modem a few times to clear the old MAC address and before it will accept the router's MAC address (in some bad cases, maybe even several hours, but that’s rare). If all else fails, you could CLONE the MAC address of the PC's network adapter to the MAC address of the router. Most routers support this feature nowadays.
  2. I installed Windows on it 2 times now, and the modem is a new one that optimum representative gave.
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