I7 920 Overheating

I've reseated my cpu and this is lowest I can get it down too with my case on.

I made sure the heatsink is securely in place and I'm still having these problems. I have two case cooling fans on the side.
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  1. 1st what is the ambient temps
    2nd what kind of thermal paste
    3rd are all fans flowing in right directions
    Rear fan should be exiting hot air
    Front and side fans should be blowing in
    4th what kind of heatsink u useing id it intels or aftermarket from what ive seen with intels fan u not gonna see much under 40 at idle
  2. The processor is at 130W - is this temperature at load?

    Is this the stock cooler? Is the pushpins securely seated? If you're using the stock cooler, turn the PC on its side (HSF on top, mobo on the bottom) and check it temperatures.

    If it's an aftermarket HSF, which one is it?
  3. I'm using artic silver 5 thermal and I have used both the line method and spread all around method from their site. Everything is running stock and the temps are when the computer has been running for more than an hour. I'm using the orginal hsf that came with the cpu. I uploaded some pics to show how my computer is setup. I opened the case up to show you inside but I keep it closed within a cubby on the bottom corner, e.g. http://www.ifurn.com/pics/8/golden-oak-furniture/roll-top-computer-desk-new-hampshire-collection.CH54CRT.1.800.jpg


    I will try to get exact room temps and will try the case down method and will post results.
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