Intel Q8300 OC problems

hey guys

im having a problem overclocking my pc

here are the specs:
Intel Q8300 CPU
8GB RAM (patroit memory-500mhz)

the problem is if i overclock the fsb (even just to 340), it refuses to boot. it powers on, and you can here the dvd + hdd spin, but the activity light stays off. also, when at stock 2.5ghz, it has a tendency to 'cut out,' which has the same problems as OC'ing it.

another thing is it takes 2 attempts to boot. i push the power button, it starts for about 1/2 a second, the shuts down, then 4 seconds later it boots, but with probs mentioned.
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  1. G41s hate Quad Cores.

    If it was a dual I'd say upping the FSB to 400 was possible.

    With a Quad it might crash at 334.

    I think your motherboard is screwed. Its time for a new system kid.

    EDIT - I forgot to mention - the Q8xxx series was a bit of a dud. Dunno what Intel were doing there. Didn't matter though, they could've derp'd for the last 4 years and Clock for Clock still been the fastest with the Q9xxx

    Oh and, whats your PSU?
  2. damn and blast :( . i just got it to 345 and im now doing a prime95 test. ill get back, but it doesnt look good.

    might i add it has been doing this now for the bright side of 8 months
  3. Its not gonna happen bro :(

    G41s can do mild Dual Core OCs but they get scared at Quads.
  4. nope, rounding error :( .

    where should i go from here? all other components work fine
  5. Build an entirely new system.

    Its not worth spending any money on old stuff, a decent LGA775 mobo will set you back as much as a good value Z68. DDR3 RAM is extremely cheap and a Core i3 2100 will make your Q8300 look like a snail.
  6. got new mobo, cpu and ram. thanks :)
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