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Hey guys I have been running cs4 with no probs, until nowl. I was rendering some objects using Alien skin eye candy. Eye candys says image can't be rendered cause its running out of memory. During the process my pc beeped once. I guess I'd call it one long beep. Then it beeps twice. My temps seem fine. I don't know what it could be. any help would be nice.
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  1. Check your motherboard's manual and look for the beep sequence warnings. it will say like 2 long beeps mean &@#% and 1 short with 1 long = %&$# ect..
  2. havok, that's only meaningful for the POST in the BIOS.

    silvara, what kind of motherboard? You should have a BIOS tab for PC Health or something like that. Check the settings there. It could be a thermal or fan warning.
  3. System Specs:

    Gigabyte MA790X-UD4 motherboard
    Phenom II 965 stock heatsink
    4 gigs 1066 ram
    650 watt psu
    Saphire HD4830
    Antec 300 w/ Scythe Ultra Kaze fans
    Windows 7

    Ran memtestX86 with no errors. Ran Prime95 with no errors. Only beeps once and only during render with eye candy in photoshop cs4. Temps remain below 55 during render, dont think its a heat issue.
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