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Hi guys,

I'm trying to increase the FAN speed in my notebook with windows 7 using the speedfan software. According with some guide, It's settled that is necessary to set to go to "configure --> advance" and then set to "software controlled" all of pwm controllers... however I just saw the option ON or OFF ... Why?

What I really want to do is settle the speed fan to maximum, all the time, because of gaming purpose ... I really don`t care with the noise... If someone now any way to do that (with speedfan or maybe disable the windows 7 fan controll by tempeture in a magic way ), It will be greate!
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  1. So, just to put more infomation, this is the image when I start the speedfan program:

    Different of yours, it's seens that any FAN speed information appers in the left side square ... this heppened with someone? is it mean that I can't use speedfan in my system?
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