SSD not showing up....

Hi Guys,

Woke up this morning and my PC was displaying an error message about 1/2 way through boot up "insert system disk" and the last thing to attempt loading was ALCI drivers, which apparently did not load.

Upon further inspection, my SSD (phoenix pro 128gb) is not showing up. I've tried changing SATA ports on MB, resetting to fail-safe defaults, to no avail.

Any suggestions why my SSD suddenly will not show up? Is it dead!?

thank you VERY much for the help....

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  1. I think the ALCI thing is unrelated, that just happened to be the last thing shown during bootup with the system could not initialize the SSD. I reinstalled Windows on my backup hard drive and am up and running.

    However the SSD is still nowhere to be found! dangit.
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