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Dead Battery on Sony Vaio

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a b D Laptop
June 10, 2004 6:27:47 PM

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Foolishly, I left my Vaio laptop switched off for over a week, then
discovered that the battery had discharged in that period. Taking a
closer look at the Sony support site, I see that is a feature of laptop.

This had happened once before, and it had taken a couple of attempts to
start it charging. This time, I have been unable to charge it at all.
The battery charge LED doesn't come on at all. Reading the "dead
battery" thread, I see that this is a feature of Lithium ion charging
circuitry with a completely discharged battery, so I may have trashed an
expensive and almost new battery through carelessness. <expletive>

The battery itself is only a couple months old, so it is still under
warranty, unless the warranty excludes boneheads who let the battery
discharge completely.

Questions ...

Can I run the PCG-Z1 series Vaio without the battery?

Are there any external chargers available for PCGA-BP2V batteries?

Is it possible, or advisable to recharge it externally.

At ~100 UK pounds a pop, I would rather recharge it than replace it, if
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a b D Laptop
June 11, 2004 9:03:39 AM

Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?)

Hi Peter,

Something I haven't read that you've tried is to simply disconnect the
battery for a short period of time from the laptop. Do not power it
up with the battery disconnected. Then try reinserting the battery
and powering it back up as normal and see whether there is any

I've seen it work on my VAIO.

Good luck.


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