PCI Express video card covers one of the PCIe slots

Hey all y'all!
This is more curious question rather than a plea for help. I have a Biostar TG-Series E31 motherboard (soon to be upgraded to a T-43, with no onboard video). I was just going to use the onboard graphics on the TG31, which would have been just fine for my purposes, but it couldn't hit the native resolution for my monitor. Call me petty (it's happened before), but I just like circles to look like circles and squares.. So I bought a modestly priced GE Force 9400 graphics card. I can't imagine that it's any deeper (or thick?) than any other card with a fan on it, but it's is deep enough to make the first PCIe slot unusable, and I'm pretty sure I am among thousands of users with this same problem. Do the manufacturers of motherboards ever take this into account? Any comments that can shed a little light on this problem would be great. :??:
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  1. This is normal, most of todays cards is too big and using one slot but cover another one. Problem is if you cant install G. card in PCIe, this is not a problem.
  2. addendum - many years ago, people pondered why there were 8 hotdogs to a package, but there were always 10 buns in a package. The reason? The hotdog makers and the bun bakers never communicated. :D
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