Connecting a graphics card that has two connectors?

Hello guys, right now, i have a 2x 4850s. I'm thinking of upgrading to a 5850. What i'm wondering is, would i need to use two seperate cables with 6 pin connectors?
For example, my 4850s each have a 6 pin and 8 pin connector coming from one cable.
Ex: 1 4850 has the 6 pin connector connected to it and the 8 pin just sits around in the case
the 2nd 4850 has the 6 pin connector connected and the 8 pin connector is also just sitting in the case.
Would i need a cable with two 6 pin connectors to use a 5850? Or can i just use the 6 pin connector from the 1st cable and the 6 pin connector from the 2nd cable to power the 5850?
Sorry if this question is kind of confusing, this will be my first time doing an upgrade :)
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  1. Ummmmm that's not really an upgrade is it? (2) 4850's for a single 5850? You will be right around where you started.
  2. my computer has an sli board, so the 2nd 4850 doesnt work x_x. It was a prebuild when i bought it.
  3. the 5850 has two 6pin power connecters, i would immagine that both would need to be plugged into the psu.
  4. Interesting. Who built that thing? haha.

    You would just use the (2) 6 pins and plug them in the 5850. What PSU do you have? sounds pretty beefy if it has 2 6pin and 2 8pin.
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