Making new pc, dunno what to buy


I'm thinking of buying a new pc to play the newest games. I don;t like consoles because I dont like the controllers.
This is the setup that a friend of me that works in ICT business works has made for me.
He says its the best setup for my max (1200 USD). I will use my CRT monitor for gaming because he says they are better for playing FPS.

CPU : i7-950 $569.99
GPU : GT220 $59.99
PSU : Corsair 750W $119.99
MOMBO: Intel BOXDP55WB LGA 1156 $99.99
RAM : CORSAIR XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 $92.99
HDD : SAMSUNG F1 HD322HJ 320GB $49.99
Total: $993.00
A case and some other misc stuff which he left me to decide.

An other friend says that I should buy a E8400 and better GPU but he's not professional and the other guy gave me this video:
so im really confused on what to choose... I only have 1200 USD to spend and I'm tired of running all games on low setting.
Maybe ill hve to buy a xbox because its much simpler than this..

Can someone please help?
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  1. Go here
    You'll get much better advice than either of your friends gave you.
  2. If you intend to play games that is definitely not a setup I would consider.

    CPU: Your core i7 isn't worth it. In your pricerange I would be looking at the high end core 2 quads or phenom II x4 955, a core i5 or i7 920 at the most. Also note that the one you already selected is not compatible with the socket of the motherboard you selected.
    core i7 9xx is socket 1366
    core i7 8xx and core i5 is socket 1156
    core 2 is socket 775
    phenom II is socket AM2 and AM2+ and AM3.

    GPU: That is not a gaming GPU. My Radeon 3870 is nearly 3 years old and will outperform it. For your pricerange I would be looking into a radeon 4890, radeon 5850 or radeon 5870. For Nvidia you'll be wanting to look into the GTX 280 and above.

    PSU: That PSU looks good for anything you might throw at it for now.

    motherboard: make sure the socket matches what processor and ram you select.

    HDD: looks good

    RAM: You totally forgot about ram. 4GB or 6GB should be enough these days. It'll add between $100-150. Look for high MHz and low timings. (the number that looks like 5-5-5-18 or something. each of those numbers smaller.)

    Monitor: The case of the CRT being much better for FPS games used to matter a great deal when LCD screens had response times of 8-16ms and 8ms was considered high end. Compared to CRT monitors refresh rates, this was bad. The case is different now as LCDs at 2-5ms are great for gaming. Although I believe a CRT will be better but not noticeably at all these days.

    About your friend's recommendations:
    The ICT guy: If he thinks you can play great games at great graphics with a great CPU and a wimpy GPU he is delusional. If your GPU cannot keep up with your CPU there is no point in having such a powerful CPU. It won't make a difference.

    The non-pro guy: Seems to be more pro about building computers. I think he was being sarcastic when he said E8400 but yeah his point is basically what I just said above. For example an E8400 and a radeon 5870 will perform better than a core i7 and a GT220. Of course, matching the radeon with a more powerful processor will make the combination even faster because it would allow the 5870 to perform better.

    I just googled and wikipediaed ICT and from what I gather it has absolutely nothing to do with computer hardware. Or computers at all.
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