How do i get static free?

i've read some people fry their boards with static from their hands while assembling a new computer. how do i ensure i'm static free? what if i wore vinyl gloves? lol i just have the worst luck ever and if someone's was gonna die to this, it'd be mine.
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  1. You could look into an antistatic wrist strap. That will help, but mainly use common sense. When you put everything together, be sure to do it where you have enough room, and be still. Before you touch any computer component, ground yourself to your case, handle everything by the edges of boards and not by connectors or anything, just take your time and use common sense, you'll be fine.
  2. You can purchase an anti-Static strap from Newegg or other websites.
    You can touch you computer case to remove an static build up before messing with your PC components (my method)
    You can make sure you install the PC on a wood surface and don't work on a carpet floor.

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  3. You can get a static wrist strap if you want

    Otherwise, just regularly touch your case in order to discharge the static electricity.

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