First Overclock 955 BE. Where to go from here.

Hey everybody.

Ive got the following system

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE C3
Gigabyte 890gx
Hyper 212+
Gskill Eco 1600 cl7 (running at 7 7 7 21 2T @ 1333 MHz)

Ive got my first stable overclock of

CPU = 4017 MHz (20x200)
CPU VID = 1.425

CPU-NB = 2812 MHz (14x200)
CPU-NB VID = 1.325

Running prime 95 for almost 6 hours I had a MAX LOAD temp of 52C and hovered around 50C most of the time with no errors.

My motherboard only lets me increase the multipliers full steps (so a min increase of 200 MHz per step) and im getting close to max temps so i figured i could raise the FSB a little to see if i can squeeze out any more MHz from my CPU and CPU NB at these voltages.

I was wondering when increasing the FSB should I try to change the dram multiplier to stay below 1333 MHz or will the slight overclock of the ram be okay since they are rated at 1600.

Also any general suggestions about this overclock would be appreciated too.


My bios show a "CPU PLL voltage control" as well as a "NB/PCIe/PLL voltage control". I have no idea what these are and i have left them at stock settings.

Anybody know what they are for??

Thanks in advance.
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  1. set your dram speed at 1600, since it rated at that speed..
    you'll see little boost when you launch an application..

    it's okay to make slight overclock on your memory.. i mean run your memory over 1600 will not hurt it.. around 1650-1700 that's the maximal frequency of your memory at stock voltage.

    try to raise your memory voltage to 1.65v to ensure the stability..

    note: i use cheap memory, elixir pc12800 rated 9-9-9-24, but it run well at 866mhz(1732) at 7-8-7-18....@1.75v

    about the fsb, usually you'll have a better mhz and lower voltage, when you play with fsb..
    Find the highest fsb that your motherboard can afford, then use multiplier to raise the clock..
    there's a little difference of performance between 20x200 and 16x250...
  2. Going over 1333 is no problem for your RAM, and even though the CPU's memory controller is only rated for 1333 I haven't seen anyone have a problem going as high as 1600. If you do run into an instability with only a slight overclock, you could loosen the timings and see if that helps....if not then even still it's probably not the RAM....just your CPU maxing out or possibly the NB so another thing to try would be to lower the NB multiplier. Try to keep HT link around 2200 as there's not really any benefit to raising it beyond that and it could cause an unnecessary instability.
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