Dark knight HSF fit inside CM 690?

does it fit inside the cooler master 690 case? asus 6pt x58 board if that matters.
also, will i be laying it horizontally? and does it block any ram?
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  1. Yes, it will fit. Mine fits easy in my Antec 1200, which is 8.40 inches wide. The CM 690 is 8.39 inches wide, so plenty of room.

    You will want it install vertical when you case is upright. This is the direction of your airflow, so it is the best way to install. It won't block RAM slots that way either. :)
  2. fan blowing towards the back of the case, right? thanks again tecmo!
  3. Yes, the fan blowing toward the back of the case to push air through the heat sink.
  4. Niklas_13 said:

    barely fits , what case is that
  5. overshocks said:
    barely fits , what case is that

    (CASE LIAN LI PC-7F) (MOBO EP45-UD3P) (CPU E8500@ 3.8 Thanks bilbat (RAM CORSAIR TWIN2X4096-6400C5) (GPU EVGA GTX-260 Superclocked edition) (HDD WD6401AALS) (PSU CORSAIR HX620) (MONITOR ACER X223w) (SPEEKERS Klipsch ProMedia 4.1) (MOUSE Logitech G5) (K


    It might look tight in the pics but there is 3/4 of a inch to play
  6. haha funny mouse. razer is better!
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