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Hello!....i have one question about switching video cards once in a while.Right now I have xfx 4850 in crossfire and i love it. But i'm just curious to compare my ati and would love to buy a bfg gtx 260 max core 55. How would that pan out? Is it okay to do that? once in a great while do a little swicharoo from ATI to Nvidia gaming....just to have the best of both world....Thanks guys....Rafael
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  1. That 4850 in crossfire will outperform the GTX260 by a longshot. If you're looking for an extreme performance boost, nab an HD5870. Otherwise, know you have a great setup.
  2. thanks Shadow...yeah ilove the crossfire setup,i can actually play Crysis in long period of time without shutting down. Don't get me wrong Ilove ATI. Just want to have the NVIDIA as well.Maybe even jumping up to gtx 275.... i think that's as high i want to go.So let me know what you think...i'm planning on keeping my 4850.Just switching video card every now and then.Again thanks. Rafael.
  3. If you have money to burn then this seems like a good a reason as any.

    One of the main problems right now is, nobody can recommend any nvidia card currently on the market - ATI just win hands down at every price point.

    That being said, you will be hard pushed to do badly out of buying a 260gtx at current prices. It's still a great card, it's just not quite so great as the 4870 or 5770 and it will be a noticable downgrade from two 4850's.
  4. Also, the HD5850 is an upgrade from a GTX275.
  5. ok guys....you win...HD 5850 it is...thanks for all the input.Time to get a second job for the HD 5850...lol....have a good one guys...peace out.
  6. Lol..have fun with it!
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