Cannot display video mpose

don't know what i did the display just says "cannot display thie video mode" . what do i have to reset?
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  1. try giving us some more info if you want help.

    system specs? is this a new system or an old one?

    are you talking about the motherboard error display LCD?
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    Start the computer in safe mode and see if it works.
    If it does, change the Display Adapter Resolution to it's lowest and then reboot
    Remember to log in as administrator when doing this in safe mode and so on.
    After you reboot and the computer comes back on check the maximum resolution your Display can take, (It's mentioned in the manual and on the Box) .
    Set the resolution again to a desired value but not exceeding the max on the Box.

    Your adapter or VGA card is going to support a lot more higher resolutions be careful not to choose something beyond the capability of the Monitor.
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