Can you run a game on the SSD while just keeping the files on a HDD?

I always wondered this. Can you run a game on the SSD while the files are on the storage device? I was just wondering you can just not use up GB space but optimize the SSD load times?

Sorry if it is a stupid question I am new to the SSD's in general.
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  1. the OS is optimized by the fact that it is on the SSD however since the files are on the hdd you do have to get the files off the hdd and so you are stuck with the load times of the hdd. Depending on the size of your SSD you should have the game on the SSD along with the OS to utilize the speed of the SSD and put your storage and things you are not using on the hdd.
  2. Plus the pagefile will be on the HDD and not on ssd which will slow down youre speed.. Like Inzone said better to run everything off the ssd and keep all youre data on hdd..
  3. best answer you can get for this question is "buy a big enough ssd drive" because with the regular hdd involved, the ssd will have to prety much stepdown and wait on the hdd to load the files
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