ASUS 1GB EAH4670, what can i have in CF?

do i need to have a ASUS 1GB EAH4670 in CF or which other card can i have in CF

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  1. It is recommended to use the same card, as any higher card will end up lowering its clocks, or might not even work at all.

    Though if I were you, remember, two low-end cards in crossfire is worse than a high-end card!
  2. The brand can be different and even the clocks but it is recommended to find a card with the same amount of Vram and type like dd2 or dd3. If your current card is a dd2 then look for a dd2 if not same concept.
  3. ya true and true again but my gtx 260 messed up.. my ati 4870 warped due to water cooling block messing up and a gtx 260 inno3d set on fire! so i went whats the point in spending loads? so i just got a 4670 for £40 lol
  4. Don't worry about clocks, the cards will work at their defaults dictated by the bios.
  5. You can use any other cards, but if you put a stronger card, it will run at the speed of your 4670...

    And if you use a weaker card, your 4670 will run at lower speed.

    So, you better get another card of the same model.
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