Iomega UltraMax Plus HD & three desktops !

since there is a USB HUB with three USB ports on this external drive apart from the main Duolink eSATA/USB Connector port,

will i be able to add another two PCs in addition to the one connected to the main Duolink eSATA/USB port to this drive and be able to access/use this drive on all my three desktops simultaneously?
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  1. You won't be able to use it like that. One system is going to mount the external drive and have primary access to it, and won't allow others systems to read it. Only after you disconnect it with remove hardware tool you will be able to read it on another system. But since it will still be connected it might cause problems trying to access it. Better option would be to connect it to one system and share it on the network and Map the drive on the others sytems. That way all the systems will have access to it..
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