Upgrades for XP system with GeForce 6800 OC

I've been getting some pretty good life out of my current system and think I can extend it even a little more. It's got an Athalon 64 x2 3800, 4GB of Ram, and a 6800 OC graphics card. I'm thinking of going to Windows 7 64 because I heard it can actually run faster than XP in some cases particularly since I'm only using 32 bit right now. Good idea? Bad?

Also, I saw a chart on here somewhere that showed the tiers of AGP graphics cards and I should be able to go several tiers up from the 6800 to a 9800 something or an ATI x1850 or something. Would that give me any significant benefit and is there a good place to buy one cheap?

Before you ask, I'm using a Coolmax 450W PSU (3 years old) and AGP 8x
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  1. I would get an HD4670. You will not need to upgrade your PSU, and you will see much, much improvement. It is also quite a cheap card.
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    Shadow is correct. That is the card to get.

    AGP HIS HD 4670 1 GB - $99.99 after rebate (comes with Stormrise game)
  3. Thank you and thank you. It seems like this is a really great option. Now to drum up a little money :D
  4. I'm prepared to spend around $100 for cards, but based on this chart:,review-31583-6.html

    The 3850 is on par with the 4670 which I can't find in any brand other than HIS (which has not so great reviews). I found a 3850 from Sapphire for about $90 here:

  5. Also another question. It seems that card requires a Pci-e power connector (which I don't have). However, it comes with an adaptor for two four-pin connectors to the 6 pin PCI-e. The reviews say it's needs 30 amps, but my PSU delivers only 15A on the 12v line. With two connections does that bring it to 30 or is it still 15? (I don't get power stuff :(

    Link to PSU:
  6. TheViper said:
    Shadow is correct. That is the card to get.

    AGP HIS HD 4670 1 GB - $99.99 after rebate (comes with Stormrise game)

    Sorry for not pegging you as best answer before now. I'm new to this and didn't notice the button until now.
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