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Hi everyone,
I've got the following system
- Asus M4N82 MB
- CoolMax 850W PS
- 4 G DDR2 @ 1066
- 2 HD @ 7200rpm
- AMD x3 720 OC @ 3.6GHz
- 2 x GTX260
- CoolerMaster HAF case

I added the second 260 card not so long ago, but when I switched to a 1920 monitor, I ran into occasional trouble with the PSU shutting abruptly down.
Long story short; I am pretty sure it is the PSU that occasionally fail to provide the juice to the system when running heavy graphics.

Ok, so I am getting a new PSU, and I can as well get one that is somewhat future proof in case I decide to build some new radical system. But I don't want to blow away unnecessary $$$ either.

So I am thinking; If I had to choose between modular or more juice, I'd go with the latter, since I have such a big case in which I can tuck away unused cables.
Since I have the above problem, I would very much like a single-rail 12V.

It looks to me that the follwing unit could be a good pick
78Amps on 12V rail should be sufficient I think.

Any thoughts anyone or alternative products?
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    Yes that looks like a good choice. Lots of amps, good warranty, single rail...all the right things. Just make sure you'ure sing enough of the PSU to take advantage of the 85% efficiency, but it's not going to kill you if you don't.
  2. Your 850 watt power supply should have been more than sufficient for your system with two GTX260 video cards operating in SLI mode. I checked a few references and discovered the psu's performance is not the greatest but it should have been okay.

    I checked several additional references and determined that a high quality 750 watt power supply with sufficient current (amps) on the +12 volt rail(s) could easily power your overclocked AMD system with two Nvidia GTX260 video cards operating in SLI mode.
  3. Thanks for replying!

    JohnnyLucky: Yes I agree.... I have seen read about specs using for instance the Corsair 750 in similar SLI setups, and, on paper at least, the coolmax should have some extra margin.
    Apart from testing with a 'quality' PSU (which I don't have on hand unless I purchase one) all the evidence I have point to the PSU.
    - 24 hrs prime 95
    - memcheck
    - never happened using 1680x1050 monitor
    - the two instances it shuts off are in heavy gaming;
    -- occasionally in MW2 (max)
    -- within 5 min in Crysis Warhead (enthusiast settings)
    - After I detached a SAS HBA and my second harddrive, I increased the stability in crysis from 1 min to typically < 5

    Does the assessment make any sense??

    Maybe I could first make sure the PSU cables are 'evenly' used making use of the multiple rails, but if that doesn't work, I probably make the investment in new PSU (I would be really pissed if it doesn't work....)
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