I5 2500k & Zalman CPNS10 Quiet cooler

Hey Guys

Built my first real "overclockable" PC today :)

Specs are as follows:

M/board: Asus P8P67-M Pro
Chip: i5 2500k
RAM: 8GB (4Gbx2 kit) Corsair Vengence (1600)
Case: Corsair 400R

The problem im having is that with prime95 on full load the cores all run at like 75C, and 30C idle.

I know this is too high, any suggestions as to why?

And also, this is noob, but i cant find the Vcore setting in the Bios??? :/

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :]
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  1. Those are pretty damned high.

    I would personally use some TIMClean Isopropyl Alcohol to remove the thermal paste that you put on and re-install the heatsink.

    First time I installed an aftermarket heatsink it was a nightmare, there was blue stuff all over my hands and my temps were in the 100's.
    After re-installing the bugger I got my temps down nicely. That was on an old Zalman 9500 Cooler.

    Oh and for OCing

    2600k - 2500k Overclocking Guide
    Sandy Bridge OC Guide
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