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I recently bought a desktop pc, but I need to install a wireless adapter. I have come across some which will suit my needs. I would like to know which of the following adapters is better.

Linksys WMP110, RangePlus Wireless PCI Adapter


D-Link DWA-552 RE Xtreme N Desktop Adapter

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  1. The Dlink is wireless N, and the linksys is not. If your definition of better includes faster, and you have an N router, it may work better. If you don't have N, I would actually look at a different card, both of these cards have problems, such as win 7 incompatibility and poor range, even the range booster. Most cards are garbage and give you lots of problems.

    I have better success with bridges, and even better performance with a router turned into a bridge. Linksys bridges were very well for me.
  2. I'm not sure how bridges work. Could you clarify this for me?
    And about the windows 7 compatibility, I looked on the windows update catalog, and found windows 7 drivers for the D Link. I am using wireless N with AirPort Extreme.
  3. D-Link all the way, Netgear products of late have been poop.
  4. das_stig, the other choice was Linksys, not Netgear. But I agree :)

    steveg2a, a bridge is basically a network connection device that connects via your ethernet port on the back of the PC. Think of it as a wireless network card that is outside the pc.

    Check this out:

    it has much better range than any PCI card I've ever used.
  5. Hi, my vote goes for D-Link, i have one DIR-600 with Win 7 and Win XP SP3 and work very good, without problems and really fast.
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