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Is This PSU powerful enough for a core i7 920 & HD 5970

i was wondering if this psu will suffice for now to power my core i7 920 & hd 5970 new build
COOLER MASTER UCP RS700-AAAAA3 700W ATX12V if not could some1 recommend a case/psu combo $150 or sub

or this xclio diamondpower 880w im almost certain this will work because it is listed in this system build on ebay

just need some confirmation from some1 knowledgeable on subject
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  1. Go with at least a 750. Look for a PSU calculator online and input the components you will be using. Remember capacitor aging.
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    Both will be enough.

    Here's a Corsair 750watt for $115, and $105 after MIR. Corsair is a better company than Cooler Master when it comes down to making PSUs.
  3. so the 700w will be enough for the time being. i plan on upgrading later to a tier 1 psu but i just want to know that if i do buy that psu with the combo haf 922. i will be ready to game as soon as i put my build together. how about that xclio diamondpower its a tier 2 psu
  4. Our recommended PSU Wattage: 663W by newegg psu calculator
  5. I would get a corsair TX 750 just for the pure fact its corsair and its a long standing tier 1 brand. Even though the other two may be recommended, my tx 750 has not let me down with a moderately OC'd i7-920 @ 3.43 & 2x GTX 260s - SLI (should consume around the same voltage at max)
  6. will that 60A rail suffice
  7. I figured I throw in a comment, since I seemed to have screwed up myself getting a 'low-quality' PSU. My problem is described in the posting 'Future proof PSU upgrade ' from today; essentially the PSU seems to shut down during heavy gaming (occasionally)

    Previous post recommending the Corsair 750 seems good; single rail from reputable manufacturer.
    Unless you plan for future crossfire, juice should suffice.
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