HELP ! Water cooling newb !

Hello, I am new(ish) to water cooling and want to build a fully fledged system around it. I have no main prefence to price other than not too expensive. I am going to order the NZXT Switch 810 case and the Sabertooth p67 motherboard within a few months, and would like to have decided on a efficient and stylish solution for liquid cooling. So far I have learnt about compression fittings, radiators, pumps and the like, and would certainly like the system to contain compression fittings. I will eventually buy 2 GTX 680 hydro's (if they exist in the future) for SLI. I will be able to get one triple and one double radiator to fit without modding, will it be enough ? I will also do some overclocking, 4GHz or 4.5GHz hopefully.

Current spec (off the top of my head, some figures may be out)
I5 2500k
XFX 850w 80+ silver
GTX 560
Asus P67 something (budget ran out)
Cheap case (budget ran out)
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  1. So far I have compiled this list, please tell me if andything is incompatable or just generally bad.
    This EXCLUDES the extra fans I will buy at a later time.

    RADIATOR - Black Ice GTX 420mm

    TUBING - XSPC 1/2 ID, 3/4 OD High Flex Hose 1m (White)
    £3 per meter x about 7m = £21

    COMPRESION FITTINGS - XSPC G1/4 to 1/2 ID, 3/4 OD Compression Fitting (Black Chrome)
    £3.50 x 10 = £35

    CPU BLOCK - EK Supreme HF Easy Mount Universal CPU Water block : EN Nickel Plexi

    PUMP - Laing D5-Pump 12V D5-Vario (Swiftech MCP655)

    RESERVOIR - Swiftech MCRES-MICRO™ Rev. 2 Reservoir
    TOTAL £~£311
  2. That all would appear to work fine. There really isn't much incompatibility except for fitting and tubing size which is easily accounted for. Are you planning to add more radiator space when you add the video cards? You might be alright with a single 480, but I would guess based off some initial thoughts is around 225 watts per card (if the 680 will exist as it appears on paper) and overclocking your CPU, you should be able to handle load on that rad with good fans just fine.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking maybe some ajustable high RPM fans for push - pull (I hear good thing about ultra kaze) on the triple rad and maybe one more double or single rad with just push at the bottom
  4. I run 6 Ultra Kaze's on my rads. They are pretty powerful fans...I have 2 - 2000's and 4 - 3000's. All are dialed down to around 1200 rpm most of the time and at full power have provide enough air movement that my case flies itself around my office, tethered only by cables.
  5. Actually, reading about them they say they *only* fit 120mm mounting holes, are there any that support 140mm ?
  6. After a bit of research, I have found some good 140mm fans, NoiseBlocker - Case Fan - 140 mm - 55 CFM - 20 dBA - NB-BlackSilentPro PK2 - Black. £16.
    I posted this so anyone can read it if needs be.
  7. I just glanced at that rad and realized it was a 3x140 vs. my initial thinking of a 4x120.

    My fault.
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