GTX 580 - Overclocking 'Progress' with Afterburner and Kombustor


I have an ASUS - GTX 580 DirectCUII and I've been interested in overclocking for some time so I am doing so preliminary testing.

According to MSI Afterburner my GPU (at stock) stats are as follows;

0% GPU Usage
13% Fan Speed
31C GPU temp

Therefore, I opened up Kombustor set resolution to 1920x1080, 3D API = D3D11, AA off and choose 'GPU Burn In', not the Extreme version. I tried the Extreme version before, but I left my fan on Auto so it was maxed at 30% and I got a BSOD after 10-12 mins. It did say that the setting could cause instability :P

I ran Kombuster for 20mins with fan speed set to 50% and my GPU (at stock) stats are;

99% GPU Usage
50% Fan Speed
64C GPU Temp (constant for past 15 mins according to graph)

There have been no artifacts or strange lines, is my card bad for having 64C already before overclock? I have not much room for overclock if I cannot exceed 80C.
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  1. GPUs are different than CPUs. You can push a GPU safely past 80c when under heavy load. How far past? Well gotta keep testing til you find that point. But 65c under load at stock speeds is well within boundaries to try and OC.
  2. Ok thank you.

    I have just done a Kombuster benchmark test (not burn in) and got a score of 3303. FPS average of 53.

    I will try a mild overclock and test results and another burn in.
  3. When OCing and testing I run my 7970 at 60% when I turn that profile on. So might want to push the fan past 50%, wont hurt it, the fan is only limited by how much noise you can handle :)
  4. Ok, I've OC my card from stock 782mhz to 820, 850 and 860 and ran the extreme Kombuster benchmarks. (1920x1080, fullscreen).


    @ 782 - 3303 score - Avg Fps 53
    @ 820 - 3413 score - Avg Fps 56
    @ 850 - 3451 score - Avg Fps 58
    @ 860 - 3513 score - Avg Fps 59

    A 6 fps improvement so far :D

    So I've ran Kombuster GPU Burn in @ 860 for 10mins and no artifacts and my temp remained at 65C for the last 6 mins so was not steadily increasing. I think I will increase my core clock again to 880 and 900 and see if any artifacts will show because I don't think temps will be my issue with overclock.
  5. Might be a little quicker to research what people have gotten with your vid card. Its quicker and theres a lot less danger involved in overclocking a vid card rather than a CPU. You are however, doing it the right way. I read that people were constantly getting 1125/1575 on the 7970 without voltage tweaks, I tried it for my first OC and it works flawlessly. So I cheated a bit :D
  6. So I've tried higher clocks in benchmarking.

    @ 880 - 3528 score - Avg Fps 63
    @ 900 - 3569 score - Avg Fps 64
    @ 920 - Graphical artefacts then Kombuster shut down. I was so scared lol
    @ 910 - Graphical artefacts but quit Kombuster before damage was done.

    I tried 900 again and no problems whatsoever so this must be my max with stock voltage of 1.025v.

    I will run Kombuster Burn In @ 890mhz to make sure I have ok temps and to make sure I don't artefact. Not comfortable with staying at 900 it's too close to my max.

    Would I get much out of upping my voltage to increase clock past 900?
  7. I've ran the card for 28mins @ 890 and temp never exceeded 65C and no artefacts.
  8. Nice, stability. You can change voltages as well to achieve higher clocks. Research it however. I know the 580 can be pushed pretty hard.
  9. So before;

    920 @ 1.025v (stock) would instantly crash my card.

    So increased voltage to 1.075 from to 1.025. This is a small increase and apparently very safe. I think the max is around 1.300 :O

    @ 930 - Did this for 10 mins and no artefacts. I have a constant 63C @ 54% fan speed.

    I can't believe how good my card is lol

    I tried 940 but crashed and but didn't crash if I increased voltage to 1.100 (another 0.025). However the temps ramp up to 73C. I don't think I should push my luck further although I could probably hit close to 1000mhz with the le way I have.

    Should I overclock my memory clock as well?
  10. Yes, can OC shaders, memory and core. 73c is really well within safe operating temps for a 580. Most operate regularly at 85c+.
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