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being a newbie here I would like to have some help with the following.
I recently bought Samsung Syncmaster P2250 which I connected to my (older) pc through DVI. I have 2 operating systems on my pc viz. XP Professional and Windows 7 RC. My RAM is 3 GB. My videocard is old one NVIDIA Geforce FX 5600 GT with 256 Ram.
In Windows 7 RC the maximum resolution of 1900x1080 is automatically detected and used however XP only shows maximum resolution of 1600x1200. I tried to figure out the logic behind this but unable to do so. Videocard seems able to get resolution of 1900x1080 in Windows 7 RC without any problems so why not with XP? I checked NVIDIA center already and I am using latest driver. Have to admit that picture under Windows 7 RC looks much and much better.
Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Have you updated your GPU drivers for Windows XP?
  2. If I let Nvidia check my drivers the following message appears for XP:
    Currently installed driver 175.19, latest version.

    For Windows 7 RC driver version is, driver date 09-10-06 (assume 2009).
  3. I guess your GPU cannot handle XP at those resolutions. In my previous build before my current one I had an Nvidia 6800xt and while basic XP apps and basic games worked fine, when I used my Samsung LCD TV and its 1300x whatever output the screen would eventually go blank after a few minutes of high to heavy gaming.... this would occur when I would play Age of Empires 3 for about 20mins plus and Far Cry for about 15minutes......... It was weird and I thought it was a driver issue but I guess the card couldnt handle such resolutions at the time. This was early 2006.

    Perhaps the drivers of kernel at Windows 7 can better utilize older GPUs and even to me, its amazing how your GPU can work at 1900x1080 reso......
  4. To make it even more amazing .... resolution in Windows 7 RC is 1920x1080 (I mistyped 1900).

    I also have to state that Far Cry 2 is not working in XP, videocard not good enough!
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