Motherboard supporting both core 2 quad and core i5 ?


I am in a place where core i5 and core i7 are not yet sold.. but , here we can find p55 motherboards ( msi and asus ) ... i would like to buy a p55 because it supports the new core i5 and core i7 processors and i don't have any choice but to buy a core 2 quad with it ... i would like to know if the p55 supports quads and if no , is there any type of motherboards that supports both quads and core i5/i7 .

thank you so much for your help :)
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  1. the i5 and some i7s operates on the LGA 1156 socket the better i7s operate on the LGA1366 socket

    the core 2 quads and core 2 duos are on the LGA 775

    so no you can't run the i5 on LGA 775 nor the core 2 quad on the LGA1156

    they don't make motherboards like that and you have to buy either a mobo for LGA1156 or one with LGA775

    LGA 775 is almost dead so don't go with that go with the i5 on the LGA 1156
  2. thank you so much for your help .. you are just confirming my fears... here people are selling lga 1156 mobos but they don't sell core i5 and core i7 processors yet ( so strange :s )...

    I think i will have to wait for the commercialisation of the new processors.. better than have a lga775
  3. Core 2 Quad/Dou, core i5, and core i7 are three different sockets so you'll need completely different motherboards to use them. Some core i7's use the same socket as the i5 and others use a different one.
  4. where do you live?
  5. i guess im living in Mars or something like that lool .. i live in Tunisia.. while searching for the new core i5/i7 i found someone that sells them .. i didn't find the right one since it's a x58 core i7 ... hope i'll find what i want ^^
  6. wow tunisia

    can't you get anything from Dubai or european countries?

    have you considered AMD? it can help save your money especially and it will lighten the burden of shipping costs
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