Please help with my restarting problem....

I really and genuinely hope you can help me with this problem.

I have a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P which we bought in 2005. It has the following specifications:

- Intel Pentium 4 HT 530 Processor @ 3 Ghz (but CPUID shows it as 2992.8 Mhz :S)
- 2.5 GB of DDR2 RAM
- 160 GB Hard disk
- Asus P5GD1-FM/S Motherboard
- ATI Radeon x300 128MB Graphics

Recently, the computer started restarting on its own, and it seemed random at first but then I noticed that it would restart on load. So, I changed the stock intel cooler and replaced it with the Scythe Samurai ZZ Fan - I am sure I have done it right as the temperature seems to be around 56-57 degrees C on no load.

But it carried on restarting, so I formatted the hard drive 3 times and loaded Windows XP and Windows Pro and Ubuntu and the problem still remained. Then I have added the Akasa Quiet Case fan, and after no restarting for a day, it has started to restart again.

I have checked the RAM using memtest86+ (all clean) and took the RAM out and cleaned them as well.
Please help as I literally have no more clues as to how do I fix this problem.

I am fairly computer literate - I use Ubuntu 64bit as my OS on my laptop (okay, not so much computer literate then!!)
Thanks and regards,

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  1. Your temperature is still high. Don't put too much thermal paste when installing the CPU. Check the temperatures with this:

    Post the results and tell us what PSU you have.
  2. Hi
    I am not on the computer atm, but I use speedfan on it. IIRC the temps at idle are like this:

    system: 35
    cpu: 50
    aux: 45
    hdd: 30

    and, at load:

    system: 43
    cpu: 65
    aux: 60
    hdd: 35

    i looked at the PSU and all it says is 350W - made in taiwan. so i am guessing it is some standard PSU fujitsu-siemens used in 2005 :S

    thanks and regards,
  3. You CPU is rated for max 67.7°C, you should reapply the thermal paste and make sure you install correctly the heatsink. Also you need a new PSU, get one that will be able to power your future rig.
  4. i might just get a new computer altogether lol
    even before all this problem started (and when it was quite new) the temperatures would happily be in the high 70s when playin PES6 (in those days lol)
    and the computer restarts even when its it surely cant be the temp?
  5. Sounds like a dying PSU. I agree that it's time to retire that dinosaur and get a new system. If you're open to building your own system then I would head over to the "Homebuilt systems" section of the forum and ask for help there.
  6. yh i might, (but my mum wont trust me with them, its a family computer lol)
    how long do you reckon the psu's got before it gives up its ghost?
  7. Your guess is as good as mine. There's really no way of telling.
  8. ah kk then
    i will wait for the end of the month when i have the cash and then go for probs an aftermarket athlon ii quad core (or if i do end up building it myself, then a phenom ii quad core)

    also, is atom dual core any better than my current processor?
  9. No, an atom isn't faster than your current Pentium 4 CPU. Atom systems are good for grandma's web-browsing rig or a simple HTPC, but shouldn't be considered for an everyday home use PC.
  10. ah thats fine then. athlon quad core it is then (unless a miracle happens)
  11. I have same mobo,and same cpu,and i have corsair VX450 psu for it,and some ati 3650 graphic... And i have same problem with overheating,and ofc i do checked everything and same problem presist.... And i know where from these temps are... It is not problem with cpu,the abnormal temp. coming from Intel 915p mchip and a bit from ICH6 - those are two passive coolers on mobo. And i do not know how to fix that... So maybe we all bought good cases and put some coolers on back of mobo on those to chips... i dont know,or maybe we should try to get other bios,or change voltages manualy.... Maybe something would help... If any1 know what we should do pls reply
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