Computer freezes after 10 minutes and at times long beep

Hi My computer freezes after 10 minutes.. CPU temp (Intel 4 2.8MHZ) is 60C. Currently running on safe mode for last 60 minutes ..No issues.. Is the cPU too hot or there are any driver problems. If there are driver problems ..How do i trouble shoot which driver is bad
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  1. 60c idle or full load?
  2. It can be that the laptop/comp is hot and as a result slows down ur comp. you can check if maybe you have any Trojan horse. Because a result of that slows down ur system. (Control panel, performance and maintenance ,system and check ur status for any malware or threats. If i were you i would check my running programs to see if you can see any type of malware. You might also have Cluttered files over years and a result your computer gets full and starts running slow and freezes.
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