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I have a pretty odd, but simple question.

My motherboard is a M3N78 PRO and it does have a light to indicate that there is power being supplied to the motherboard.

I was testing Memory today, inserting 1 stick at a time. My usual procedure was to power down and flip the power switch on the PSU, the pull the memory out or reseat it as necessary.

On a few occasions the PC did power down, but I didn't flip the switch on the PSU (accidentally). I went about switching Memory and components around. But I was wondering - is this procedure acceptable? The computer was shut down and nothing was in movement. The only thing that makes me worry is the fact the power indicator light was active. I was afraid I might short something, but dismissed the thought considering the PC was "off."

Do you mind if I ask, is this something to worry about?
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  1. As best practice you should always power down the computer at the PSU prior to installing/uninstalling components. While the computer is off but the PSU is on there is still power in the motherboard that can cause damage when moving certain components. However, the memory does not remain powered when the system is shut down but the power supply is on. It is unlikely that you damaged anything but there is always a possibility of shorting the module across a powered portion of the motherboard by accident.
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