My computer wont boot with more than 2gb ram and other problems

Hello, i have a pentium D 945 pc overclocked to 3.84Ghz on an Asrock 4core-1333 esata2 Heres the link for the mobo-

Right the issues that i have, i put in my 4x1gb patriot ram and my computer will not boot, so i stuck in 2Gb in and it will work fine at great speed, vista rates it at 5.9, but anymore then 2Gb and it willpower on but wont boot :S don't understand it as it has worked before with all the ram in, and no operating system.

Details on the ram are here-

The issue that i have with this board is the fact that i downloaded all the drivers from the asrock site to install my sound card e.t.c

When i done this on vista 64bit ultamate, my realtek hd audio is playing my music flawlessly on the right channel of my amp and on the left channel it is extremly distorted. Now i am 100% sure that it is not my amp as it will play Cds e.t.c fine, and everything else.

So yet another thing that is completely puzzling me. I have waiting so long to get this rig running and its not happening :S

Feel free to ask me any questions, i will be online all day today, and i can get back onto the site on Friday as i don't have internet at home.
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  1. It looks like your Patriot RAM is rated at 800MHz with 4-4-4-12 timings at 2.1v. Have you manually set the RAM values in the BIOS? Using "auto" settings for RAM in the BIOS often won't supply the RAM with enough voltage to boot when all the RAM slots are filled on the motherboard.
  2. Really??

    Urmm i have left most of the settings on auto really, just edited the ones that are to do with having more ram, cannot quite remember what it was as i am not on the PC and i don't have internet at home,

    So you think setting the voltage in the bios with 2gb (because it will only work with this) to 2.1v and then putting the others in should cure the problem then?

    And what do you think on the sound?? Any ideas??

    Thanks for you reply i appreciate your time :)

  3. Yes, I think manually setting the RAM speed, timings, and voltage to the correct values should allow you to use all the RAM. That's assuming none of the sticks are faulty. You should also perform an overnight run of Memtest86+ if you can get it to boot with all the RAM installed to test for RAM errors.

    I don't know on the sound issue. Have you tried a different cable between the PC and amp? Are you sure you're using the correct output on the sound card?
  4. In response to the RAM, i think that is a great idea and i will give that a good try, and with the sound issue, that is the last thing i am going to try is the cable, as i have got it in the right jack. I just can't explain why one side is so distorted.
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